The Next Chapter

deweyThe Carlisle Education Foundation is pleased to announce our new initiative, The Next Chapter: Library to Learning Commons. With your help, we will raise funds to renew the Carlisle Public School Library and create a hub for innovation, collaboration and creativity!

Our goal is to design a kid-friendly, welcoming center that is flexible enough to meet the different needs of those who use the space. Current shelving dates back to the 1960s and carpeting back to 1987, so it’s time to bring our library into the 21st Century. Plans include a space remodel with new paint and carpeting, mobile shelving units, age-appropriate adjustable furniture, and mobile technology including laptops and tablets to create a flexible and fluid collaborative environment for all to enjoy.

Through the generosity of our donors from the auction and annual appeal, CEF is pleased to announce that will will make an initial donation of $40,000 to launch the campaign. Please help match it with your gift today so that we can reach our project goal of $125,000 by Summer 2016.

Click on our donate tab to make your pledge. Just Dewey it!

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