2018-2020 Capital Campaign: CPS Performing Arts Studio

After an unexpected start as an additional classroom needed to help the school be able to accommodate all students in person in the fall of 2020 (thank you Carlisle educators for making in person schooling happen!) The Performing Arts Studio welcomed band students in the fall of 2021!

Finished room:

Story of the the Project:

For at least 10 years,  the CPS community voiced concern about the fact that the school’s instrumental band program, while an integral part of the Carlisle school experience and one for which the school receives much recognition, does not have a proper home. As former Superintendent Doyle said in 2008, we might “get used to doing it this way, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best thing.”  The CEF has been working with the school since 2017 to find a way to give the instrumental band program a proper rehearsal space, practice rooms for private and small group instruction and increased instrument storage space. 

THE NEED (in 2018):

  • Currently, the instrumental band program meets in the front or back of the auditorium, set up and clean up time take away from valuable practice time
  • About a quarter of band rehearsals are displaced by other activities
  • The need for practice space and storage for the band limits use of the auditorium for other performing arts, such as the school chorus program, the 7th grade play, the newly formed drama club, the rec department’s perennial favorite offering: musical theater experience, and the beloved town based theater group: Savoyard Light Opera
  • Students currently have limited instrument storage space, resulting in overflow from the storage room into the entry to the auditorium


  • every year, over 150 4th-8th grade students participate in the instrumental band program
  • 4th grade band participation is a great bonding experience for the class with nearly 100% of 4th graders participating and 80% of students continuing to do band in 5th grade
  • on average, Carlisle students comprise 50% of the CCHS band, a consistently top ranked band in the state, when Carlisle Students represent less than 1/4 of the total CCHS student body
  • Carlisle student musicians consistently perform well at state-wide competitions
    • at the 2018 MICCA Solo and Ensemble Festival, out of 18 performances, there were 8 gold medals, 6 silver medals and 4 bronze medals
    • 15 out of 40 of the CCHS students accepted into 2017-2018 MMEA Eastern District Festival were Carlisle students

THE OPPORTUNITY- The “Mistake Room”

  • An unexpected, approximately 1400 sqft space created during the construction of the Corey Building that is currently used for storage
  • the double storey height means suitable room volume and acoustics for band rehearsal
  • in close proximity to other performing arts spaces (elementary music room and the auditorium)


  • Work with the school committee and administration team to begin exploring options for the instrumental band program- COMPLETED early 2017
  • Commission a feasibility study to determine best options for the Mistake Room- COMPLETED May 2017
  • Present the best choice option, as selected by Instrumental Band Director Kevin Maier, the Administration and CEF, to the school committee- COMPLETED Jan 2018
  • Get Carlisle School Committee’s approval to proceed with the conversion of the Mistake Room into a Performing Arts Studio- COMPLETED Nov 14, 2018
  • Late November: begin the RFQ process for engineering and design work COMPLETED
  • January: begin the RFP process for contractors
  • February and April vacations: dispose of/relocate files, grounds equipment and furniture currently stored in the Mistake Room; begin necessary demolition
  • Fall 2019: Local businesses Merz Construction and C.E. Floyd construction team up to to perform the work
  • June-September 2020: construction
  • Fall 2020: finishes and outfitting of rooms


If you would like to contribute to our capital campaign,  send a check to Carlisle Education Foundation P.O Box 734 Carlisle MA 01741, pay by credit card through our website or by texting CPSBAND to 44321.

Thanks for your support!