The deadline for the Spring CEF Grant cycle is March 22, 2023. 

The next cycle will be in October 2023

Applications for CEF Professional Development Grants should support teacher participation in programs and training including off-site workshops, classes, conventions, visits to other schools/programs for observation, and guest lecturers to Carlisle Public Schools for work directly with our teachers.  Applications for CEF Innovation Grants should encourage new and innovative programs or projects that are consistent with the Carlisle Public Schools goals but are beyond the scope of the regular school budget. 
All grants must be endorsed by the Superintendent before submission.

Click here to submit an application for either a CEF Professional Development Grant or CEF Innovation Grant. 

Click here to submit the Grant Evaluation form after your event.

Please note all submissions will be made via google forms, any questions about the process or specific to your anticipated grant request can be asked here.

An overview of the Grant application can be found here

Please address the following topics in your grant proposal: 
1. Objective of program/project to be funded by this grant. 
2. Description of program/project. Please include detailed timeline of activities. 
3. Budget Detail. Please list all costs for speakers, consultants, equipment, materials, travel, etc. 
4. Explain how the proposed project ties into the current District Goals. 
5. Number of students to be impacted by this program/project. 
6. Method to evaluate success of the program/project.
7. Plan for sharing knowledge with Carlisle faculty and CEF board. 
8. Other possible sources of funding (i.e. training budget)