CEF Funds Upgrade to Rosetta Stone Software

Dear Carlisle Education Foundation,

The Carlisle Foreign Language team would like to extend the warmest thanks for the generous donation you made to our department.

The new version of the Rosetta Stone language program is absolutely amazing!

It is also more appropriate for classroom use: the pictures are more engaging, the activities better paced for Middle School students and the grammar better compliments our programs. One of the highlights of this new program is the speaking component. Students can record their own voices to hear themselves speak and so can keep improving their pronunciation.

Another great advantage is that they are working individually. They can each work at their own pace and the program accommodates their personal learning style.

Our students are very excited about this new Rosetta Stone version, and are welcoming it with enthusiasm!

Let us know if any of you are ever interested in observing our students using the Rosetta Stone in action. Please tell us in advance as we only use it on specific days.

It is wonderful to work in a community where foreign language learning is truly valued and where we are all committed to preparing our students to become global citizens.

Merci! Gracias! Xie Xie!

In appreciation, Nicole Baker, Andrea Steffek and Chiao Bin Huang

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