New Amplification Systems At Work in Our Classrooms

Carlisle Public Schools was able to purchase 12 classroom amplification systems this fall thanks to all of those who donated to our “Fund A Need” at the CEF auction last April. Below is an excerpt from a letter we received from CPS teacher Linda Vanaria on how these systems are used in our classrooms:

redcatWhile the amplification systems came to Carlisle only two years ago, we witnessed the impact they had immediately….I was fortunate to work with a student who needed the system in order to access the curriculum. The added benefit was that all of the children in the room were able to hear instruction in ways that they had not before. The speaker’s voice would almost float to each person in the room, as if the speaker were sitting next to the student. Students became quite comfortable with wearing the mikes and also appreciated the ability to speak to classmates in a 1:1 speaking voice….Another interesting aspect of the system is that they really help students stay on task as each student can hear what is being said and can also hear conversation between the teacher and another student….The system is particularly helpful when giving two- and three-step directions to all learners. Those students who have difficulty following directions are able to hear them clearly and process them.

Our students currently share the existing units and rotate on a monthly schedule. If you would like to assist our school in purchasing additional systems so they are available for all students daily, please click here to donate (mention “redcat” in your message).

CEF Auction a Roaring Success!

CEF is thrilled to report that our gala auction, An Evening with Gatsby, has surpassed our goal of $50,000!

We have so many to thank for our success, including our dynamic auction chairs Andrea Kalkstein and Heidi Kidder; corporate sponsors NetScout, Cambridge Trust Company and Middlesex Savings Bank; design mastermind Emily Stewart and her crew; Joanna Quinlan for the artful floral arrangements; Bart Kalkstein for his power mixing expertise; the many local businesses, artisans and individuals who donated their time, talents and wares; as well as the faculty and administrative staff at CPS for their leadership and support of our endeavors. We are grateful for your continued support of our mission and are already looking forward to our next event.

We hope you will keep in touch with CEF by checking out our website (, friending us on Facebook, and keeping an eye out for newsletters and our annual appeal next fall. If you would like to get involved by joining our board or volunteering to help with a future event, please visit our website. Thank you once again for your generous support of the Carlisle Education Foundation.