Annual Appeal in Mailboxes Now!

Dear Friends,

Take a moment to pat yourselves on the back! The Carlisle Education Foundation recently completed our Fall 2014 Grant Cycle and were pleased to award over $19,000 in grants to our faculty. In fact, over the past 3 years, CEF has raised nearly $300,000 to support our mission to sustain excellence in teaching, demonstrate innovation in the classroom and provide superior learning opportunities for all students. Over our 20+ year history, we have raised and distributed well over $1 million dollars in total gifts to Carlisle Public Schools. CEF has certainly helped orchestrate the giving, but it is all of you who have made the choice to invest in our children, our schools and our community by your generous support of the foundation.

Here are a few more reasons to be proud:

  • Carlisle Public Schools now operate a state of the art Engineering classroom for all grades that includes a part-time dedicated faculty member.
  • Carlisle now owns more than a dozen voice amplification systems which are being shared by all classrooms.
  • As a result of our Fall 2014 grant cycle, 15 teachers will attend national conferences in their respective disciplines, and 7 will receive specialized training in reading, literacy or English as a Second Language this year.
  • A network anaylsis of our school is underway to help Carlisle Public School meet Department of Elementary and Secondary Education guidelines for technology use and programs in public schools, and to identify current and future needs regarding technology initiatives and equipment.

    Most importantly, 100% of our students benefit each day from donations to CEF, whether they have created a robot or a mailbox in the engineering room, learned to code using Scratch, sung with a school choir, used a laptop or Activ Board, or worked with highly trained teachers who have broadened their knowledge base through participation in a CEF-supported professional development program.

    Through your generosity, the Carlisle Education Foundation continues to support our school system with tools and training that are unmatched in most other communities. Please consider a tax-deductible gift to the CEF Annual Fund this year so that we may continue to advance our mission. And, don’t forget that pat on the back!

    Yours truly,

    Mary-Lynne Bohn, President


Over $19K Awarded in Professional Development Grants this Fall

CEF is pleased to report that we have awarded just over $19,000 in professional development funds to our teachers to attend conferences and workshops as a result of our Fall grant cycle. CEF funded 8 of the 9 applications received and, through your continued generosity, the following teachers will be taking advantage of many special opportunities over next few months:

  • First grade teachers Amanda Gilchrist & Jennifer Demers will attend the Teachers College Summer Reading Institute in New York City
  • The middle school science team will attend the National Science Teachers Association 2015 National Conference in Chicago
  • Sixth grade Social Studies teacher Erin Rooney will attend the National Conference of Social Studies in Boston
  • Tara Callahan will attend the American Choral Directors Association National Conference in Salt Lake City, UT to support 11 of her students accepted by audition into this prestigious program
  • Art Teachers Courtney Longaker & Rachel Levy will attend the National Art Educators Association Convention in New Orleans, LA
  • Four teachers (1 teacher and special educator from each Grades 3 and 4) will be trained in the Leveled Literacy Intervention System
  • Five elementary teachers, the math specialist and the superintendent will attend the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference in Boston next spring
  • Kristy Hartono will attend a Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages Conference in Toronto, Ontario

Teachers who receive CEF awards are asked to share their experiences, goals and results with other teachers upon completion of their project. We look forward to learning about their experiences and how they will apply their results into their daily teaching methods.

The Carlisle Education Foundation has raised well over $1 million dollars for Carlisle Public Schools since its inception. Please look for our annual appeal in mailboxes this December and consider a tax-deductible gift to help us sustain our mission to advance innovation in the classroom, promote excellence in teaching, and enable superior learning opportunities for students and educators in the Carlisle Public School community.

Congratulations to all! The Spring CEF grant cycle takes place in March 2015. Please check the grants section of our website for forms and instructions.