The deadline for the Fall CEF Professional Development and Innovation Grants cycle has closed. CEF grants have been established to enhance and promote exceptional teaching in Carlisle Public Schools, to encourage creativity and leadership in teachers and administrators, and to positively impact as many students as possible. All applications must be reviewed and approved by the Superintendent before CEF can evaluate for funding.


  • To encourage new and innovative programs which are consistent with the Carlisle Public School goals but beyond the scope of the regular school budget.
  • To enhance and promote exceptional teaching in the Carlisle Public Schools
  • To encourage creativity and leadership from teachers and administrators
  • To support grants that impact a significant number of students
  • To support professional development and innovative programs that have a lasting benefit on the Carlisle Public Schools
  • CEF Grants are not intended to replace or relieve existing responsibility for public funding, programs or normal budget growth and maintenance. They are to empower the Carlisle education community to “think outside the box”.
  • Please see the PTO Teacher Grant program for classroom supplies and equipment.


CEF Professional Development Grant (Funded in part by the Davida Fox Melanson Fund)
Submission deadline for the spring grant cycle on 4/5/2019. Click here to download the application.

Requests for funds can include the following:

    • Off-site professional workshops/training without students/conferences
    • Visit other schools to observe “best practices”
    • Guests lecturers for training in-services or training sessions

CEF Innovation Grant
Submission Deadline: Ongoing throughout the year. Click here to download the application.

  • New pilot academic programs
  • Equipment, supplies, and materials necessary for implementation of new programs (CEF grants do NOT fund general classroom supplies)
  • New technology enrichment for the school and students


  • Is this a creative, innovative project in teaching and/or learning (i.e. one that involves change, expansion, adaptation, enhancement, improvement, challenge, risk, or a new technique?)
  • Does the project complement the curriculum goals of the Carlisle Public School?
  • How many students will be affected by this investment?
  • Are the goals, outcome, and activities of the project clearly stated, and completed with adequate detail?
  • How will you share the knowledge or strategies learned through this project with the administration and teaching staff? For example, teach staff at lunchtime in-service, Carlisle College, etc.
  • Does the administration support this proposal?

It is important to complete and return a Grant Evaluation form after your event. Your comments help the board better understand and evaluate our grants process, and may be used to promote future CEF programs. We encourage you to submit photos and other graphical materials to help illustrate your experience, and we will try to use these images on our website and press materials when possible. The form may be downloaded at here.

If you would like to discuss the feasibility of an idea, please contact the CEF Grant Committee.