Fall Grant Applications Now Being Accepted

The deadline for the first round of CEF Professional Development and Innovation Grants for the 2015-16 academic year is October 16, 2015. CEF grants have been established to enhance and promote exceptional teaching in Carlisle Public Schools, to encourage creativity and leadership in teachers and administrators, and to positively impact as many students as possible.

Goals for the program are:

  • To encourage new and innovative programs which are consistent with the Carlisle Public School goals but beyond the scope of the regular school budget.
  • To enhance and promote exceptional teaching in the Carlisle Public Schools
  • To encourage creativity and leadership from teachers and administrators
  • To support grants that impact a significant number of students
  • To support professional development and innovative programs that have a lasting benefit on the Carlisle Public Schools – to empower the Carlisle education community to “think outside the box.”

Two types of grants are available: Professional Development Grants and Innovation Grants. Requests for Professional Development grants can include the following:

  • Off-site professional workshops/training without students/conferences
  • Visit other schools to observe “best practices”
  • Guests lecturers for training in-services or training sessions

Requests for Innovation grants might include:

  • New pilot academic programs
  • Equipment, supplies, and materials necessary for implementation of new programs (CEF grants do NOT fund general classroom supplies)
  • New technology enrichment for the school and students

Please remember that all grant applications need to be approved by the superintendent before CEF can consider them. If you would like to discuss the feasibility of an idea, please contact the CEF Grant Committee.

Visual Artists Attend National Art Educators Convention

Through a generous grant given by the Carlisle Education Foundation (CEF), the visual art department was able to attend the 2015 National Art Educators Convention in New Orleans, LA. The topic of this year’s convention was “The Art of Design: Form, Function, and the Future of Visual Arts Education”. Courtney Longaker and Rachel Levy attended the convention’s numerous guest speakers, lectures and hands-on workshops, and took away many new and innovative ideas highlighting the intrinsic connection between art and design.
Integration of design thinking in the art room engages the student in problem solving and collaboration. It encourages the student to observe, develop and envision, express and explore, persist, revise and reflect.

IMG_1630_cropWhen the teacher creates lessons that develop these skills the art student can gain confidence and will be less afraid of failing. The design process enables students to embrace opportunities to learn from mistakes and accidents. These skills also help the student to focus, commit and follow through with an idea.

In the fall, Levy and Longaker will teach, “Developing 21st Century Critical Thinking Skills and Problem Solving Strategies Through Visual Art”, extending and connecting their knowledge of design thinking to other faculty and subject areas. – Submitted by Courtney Longaker